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Beginner Marathon Training

This page is intended for first time marathon runners, or for beginner marathon runners who may have already participated in one or two 26.2 mile events.

Beginner Marathon Training Tips:

Training for a marathon can be very intimidating, even if youíre following a program. As a beginner marathon runner youíre just not sure how to tackle those long training runs. Should you run at your intended marathon pace, should you take some power gels, should you run with other people training for the marathonÖ?

Following are some training hints Iíve put together to help the first time marathon runner.  

  • Before you even start training you should have a good base of running. At least a year of regular running. Although I know people who have ran the marathon with less.


  • You need to find a training program to follow. Make sure it fits your abilities. You can find some good training schedules here:

Marathon Training Schedules



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  • Track your progress in a running log; otherwise itís difficult to know exactly how much training you are really doing. There are good online running logs available or if you prefer a log book Personal Logs.com has a great customized log which can include a day by day marathon training schedule.


  • It helps if you can do your long run on the same day each week, like every Sunday. This way you can build the rest of your schedule around the long run day.


  • Try running with a friend on the long runs; the miles will go by more quickly. Make sure you run at a comfortable pace though.

  • Many people use energy gels during a marathon. If you plan to do this, try it out during a longer run (15 miles or more) to make sure your stomach can handle it. Always drink water after consuming the gel.

  • Get some new running shoes. Youíll be covering a lot of miles during the 14 - 18 week training schedule. (600 or more, depending on the length of your training schedule)



  • Take time off if youíre feeling tired, it will help you a lot more than trying to complete the required weekly mileage. Thereís plenty of time to make up for this during your overall training schedule.


  • Take time off if youíre injured. Trying to train through an injury might work but is more likely to make things worse. Sometimes taking a whole week off can be the solution.

  • Interspacing your running with short walking breaks during your long training runs can be really beneficial. I often do 18 minutes running followed by a quick 2 minute walk every 20 minutes.


  • Watch your diet. You need to eat nutritious food during your training. Donít neglect your protein intake at the expense of carbohydrates. You need both for marathon training.




  • Alternate hard training days with easy ones. I often take a day off after my weekly long run. Walking is also a good alternative to running on your easier days.


  • Donít over train! I know so many runners who have trained too hard and then run a disappointing marathon.


  • Remember the goal of your training is to build sufficient strength and endurance so you can be out on the marathon course for several hours. Your training needs to reflect this. How quickly or slowly you go is less important.


Beginner marathon runners have to be especially careful not to over-train nor under-train for the marathon event.


Marathon Training For Beginners

For every runner who wants to succeed at the marathon distance - even on the first try!

Produced by certified trainer Jago Holmes, this ebook is a 'must have' if you are just getting started in marathon running.

Based on Jago's own experience as a successful marathoner and trainer, his program is tailored specifically to the needs of the marathon beginner.

Jago is also including as a free bonus seven additional ebooks on topics like Marathon Nutrition, and Injury Prevention.


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