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Half Marathon Training Schedule

The following schedule is intended for those runners who want to train for the 13.1 mile distance. It is ideal for beginners and also for  people who have run one or two half marathons previously. It's also good for previous marathon runners who are building up their training level. The schedule covers a 12 week period.


This half marathon training schedule assumes you have some previous running experience. If you have already participated in a 10K race, so much the better. You should...

*  have been running for at least a few months, 6 or more is preferable

* currently run three or more times per week

* be able to complete the 10K (6.2 miles) distance fairly comfortably

I disagree with many of the half marathon schedules that don't want you to run more than the 13.1 mile distance during your training. So I have included one long run of 15 miles - this will provide you with the confidence that you can indeed complete the half marathon distance!


  The Half Marathon Training Schedule



Legend For Each Type of Training Run:

L  - Long Run your long runs should be at a slow comfortable pace, at least one minute per mile slower than your intended half-marathon pace.

H  - Hard Run one day per week at a faster pace (about 30 secs/mile) than your goal pace

E  - Easy pace for a fairly relaxed run

R  - Your intended Race Pace

Try to include some  hills on your training runs  Make sure to run at an easy pace the day after a long run when it's not a rest day



Beginner Marathon Runners

Find out how you can master the marathon distance even on your first attempt!

"Marathon Training For Beginners"

Produced by certified trainer Jago Holmes. A 'must have' if you are just getting started in marathon running.

"Marathon Training For Beginners" is based on Jago's experience training runners to succeed at the marathon distance.

Jago is also including with his training course, a free bonus of  seven additional ebooks on topics like Marathon Nutrition, and Injury Prevention. You get all this for a very reasonable price!

Find Out More Info Here


A half marathon is a long way if you are a novice runner, and many of the training techniques that apply to marathon training will work just as well for the half. The half marathon training schedule is really just a plan, so to put this into action you need to try and stick with it. Here are some articles we have published that will help in your overall training:

Runners' Diet & Nutrition

How To Improve Your Training

Vary Your Training

Knee Pain Prevention







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